Social Dance Instructors

Quality Foundational Instruction for Beginner Dancers

Sam Fleming

I am trained in jazz and classical piano, and majored in commercial music, which gives me an in-depth understanding of musicality and training in marketing and community development. I started dancing with East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop, and then transitioned into West Coast Swing. After college I travelled around the US on the competitive dance circuit, focusing primarily on growing my West Coast Swing. I moved to Florida to teach dance and train at District Dance Academy, where I began training in Ballroom Rhythm and Smooth dances.

Ashley Skow

I started dancing when I was 7 with Scottish Highland & National Dance where I learned formal dance techniques similar to ballet. I danced competitively for several years. In high school I started learning Ballroom dance and completed the instructor training at DanceWorld in Nashville. At the same time I started learning West Coast Swing, eventually moving to Florida to train and teach at District Dance Academy.

Our Vision

We believe that you are capable of learning any dance, regardless of how many left feet you have or how hard the steps are. We challenge the idea that only certain people can dance or that a dance style is too hard for a beginner. The music you love is the music you should learn to dance to. We work hard to break down dances into easy to remember foundational movements and rhythms to get you dancing and enjoying yourself as soon as possible! In all of our lessons you will learn a mix of steps (patterns), proper technique for your level, and tips for applying your learning to the real life dancing.